Top 5 Tips for Listing with Kids

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Everyone knows that moving is stressful…… throw kids in the mix and it can be downright painful so we have some hacks to help you get through.


Right. Everyone knows to declutter but when we say declutter – we mean it! Clean off shelves-minimalize and store stuff away right now. This is a great time to get organized. Go as far as packing and labeling it and have a bin for donations or a garage sale and get
those ‘things’ we all have too much of out of your life! Why move it if you don’t need to, and if you want it kept, just pack it away now.


The first thing you need to accomplish #1 is containers, and there are different ones to use for different jobs. Totes do the job of whatever you want out of sight, and also protected. Baskets are a good go-to for organized, on the go, counter top mess. Baskets are what you want to use to organize things that you need to keep out to live. Laundry bins are a great way to get the kids to help and be able to clean up fast!

  • TOTES: Anything that can be packed away until you’re in the new place.
  • BASKETS (decorative): Whatever you want to hide/make cute but need access to while you still have to live there.
  • LAUNDRY BINS: Get each family member their own, color-coordinated laundry bin. Do a quick pick-up and throw the mess in, then hide away in the garage during showings!


Tell yourself that you will see all the precious photos again very soon and tell the kids they can help you pick out where they’ll go in the new house. Use this time to get rid of decorations that you don’t really love and make surfaces and walls have a nice, clean look.


Moving really is one of the most stressful situations, and kids pick up on it and don’t always understand why and how it all works. Remember to take time to have a movie night, whether it’s at home with pizza and popcorn or you take a weekend to go to a waterpark, or it’s just an hour at the actual park down the road – give your kids some attention and yourself a break from adulting for a little bit.


Strategically plan when your home will be listed. Have a sneak peek put out there, and schedules (in the current market) should line up nicely and quickly. If you list on, say, a Friday when you can be gone for the whole weekend, you can clean once for multiple showings! Take the family to Grandma’s or camping, or anywhere that you don’t need to mess up the beds, bathrooms, and kitchen and get it magazine clean over and over again. That way you’ll accomplish #4 at the same time, and hopefully return to some offers!

Joanna Hvezda

I am not your typical realtor. I am a Minnesota Farm Girl with big visions. I am a wife and mother of three. My husband and children are my inspiration to grow, transform and give.
Joanna Hvezda



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