The market is NORMALIZING…

The market is doing what it always does this time year. It slows down. Don’t freak out when you don’t get a huge amount of showings every week! You can’t do anything to change the market, but what can you do right now as a seller?

As a seller, you can take this time to increase the value of your home by doing simple updates and finishing projects in your home. As Jo says, “Your home on the market, is not how you live.” Paint those walls, deep-clean- even the smallest improvements can mean faster selling time and increased value when Spring rolls around!

As a buyer, now is a great time to buy! A slower season means less buyer competition. You can take your time and breathe.

Don’t be scared off by the market. Contact us to get a solid quote on your home and work from there. Meet with us today! (For more info, listen to the Just Listed! podcast.)

Lex Estes