The Seasonal Shift & The PURGE

The first two things to ask yourself as the season gets colder – and slower, is: DO YOU WANT/HAVE TO LIST YOUR HOME right now?

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If the answer is YES, here’s a list of ways to set expectations with yourself and keep your sanity while listing  your home in winter.

1. Be patient, KNOWING that showings will be fewer and farther between.

2. Decorate for the holidays! People love it!

3. PURGE. Especially BEFORE the holidays, so you don’t stress out at even more stuff coming in that you have to store or find another home for! ‘Tis the season for regifting, right?

4. Warm cookies help everyone at this time of year!

5. Couches are not something you should collect.

If the answer is NO, it’s the perfect time to PREP your home for when you are ready to list!

The 5 most important things to spruce up around your home before you list it:

1. Curb Appeal – Major landscaping is not necessary. Just clean and trim what is necessary. A cleaned-up look and a few potted plants will do a lot for you. And NEVER underestimate the power of repainting your front door!

2. Kitchens and Baths SELL HOMES. – That said, oftentimes you can do a ‘soft remodel.’ Cleaning, wiping, and shining all create immediate improvement!

3. Lighten up – and update light fixtures! If you do the ones in the kitchen/main floor – it’s best to at least do the whole floor if you can’t do the whole house.

4. Floors – Yes, they should get an update, professional cleaning, and a full upgrade in favor of an allowance for the buyer – if you want it to move faster!

5. Paint, paint, paint! – It may be a pain that ends with a T, but it’s an instant face-lift for your entire home! Go with one color scheme throughout the home or at least floor, and you can call local paint stores to find out what colors are most popular.

Joanna Hvezda

I am not your typical realtor. I am a Minnesota Farm Girl with big visions. I am a wife and mother of three. My husband and children are my inspiration to grow, transform and give.
Joanna Hvezda



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