Buying and Selling in this WEIRD Market

As wild as the market has seemed recently, it is still strong. Buyers are still buying. Sellers are still selling. It’s the perfect time of year to be buying a home as the season slows down; but sellers keep in mind, getting an offer on your home requires a little bit of elbow grease!

Tips for sellers in the current market: Make your house FLOW! Nobody wants wild colors on the walls that they have to paint over immediately after moving in. Keep your home feeling clean and fresh. Deep clean your home, scrub the baseboards, dust the windowsills. It really does make a difference! You also want your home to look fresh! Adding a fresh coat of neutral paint to the walls is an easy way to do just that! The interest in DIY houses seem to be declining. More and more buyers are shying away from taking on project homes. Homes that already look finished WILL sell faster and for more!

Tips for buyers in the current market: BUY NOW! Spring is the busiest time of year in the market. Now is the best time for you to find your new home! There are fewer buyers right now, partly due to the season of the year we’re in and partly due to the way the interest rate has behaved lately. Buyers have more time to breathe, time to look, time to run inspections. But always remember, inspections are a request, not a demand. Keep in mind, buyers, that you’re purchasing a used home. Don’t expect perfection. One last thing to remember: you can always refinance! Don’t be afraid to buy.

*Listen to Episode 25 of Jo’s podcast Just Listed! for more information.

Lex Estes