Boss Lady Michelle

Meet Michelle, an incredibly motivated business owner, massage therapist, and overall Boss Lady who is passionate about helping people discover who they are in order to become their healthiest and truest selves! She has an inspiring story, from overcoming alcohol addiction to now helping other people realize their hurts and traumas and helping them move toward healing. Listen to her chat honestly about her passion for connecting with our truest selves by becoming aware of our bodies, minds, and the energy that surrounds us all.

Michelle and her husband own two businesses, Living Tree Wellness and The Hot Rod Shop. Michelle has been in the Massage Therapy business for just shy of twenty years; but she does so much more than simple massage. She specializes in other areas of self-development such as energy work and bars, which both help people connect with their current beliefs and past traumas in order to let go and move into healthier and happier human beings.

We sat down with Michelle and got an inside look at her own struggle with addiction and how she overcomes that each day and now teaches other people to overcome their own obstacles and discover how to step into their truest selves. We felt like we were getting a session with her right there in the recording studio! Michelle gave us simple steps to learn how to meditate, how to connect with our bodies, how to get out of our heads, and she even gave us practical steps on how to help our kids discover their truest selves too! She taught us so much! We couldn’t get enough!

If you’re interested in connecting with Michelle (which you should!!!), Living Tree Wellness is located on 22nd Avenue in Alexandria, MN. There are plenty of incredible services to choose from, anything from massage to energy work to aromatouch and more! Keep doing what you’re doing Michelle! You are an inspiration to us all! And you are a true Boss Lady!

Listen to Michelle’s story on our podcast Just Listed! (Available wherever you find podcasts.)

Lex Estes