Boss Lady Amy

On the podcast this week we are talking to Jo’s co-host on the Just Listed! podcast, Amy Foxx. She has worked in the radio industry for over 20 years and has faced many obstacles along the way! Listen to the full episode to hear Amy and Jo talk more about the importance of embracing who you are without the need to be validated by other people, both in and out of the workplace.

Amy discusses how she made a name for herself in the man’s world of radio. It wasn’t easy. She never intended to be in radio for long; but she found herself working a full-time morning show radio host right out of college. Amy was often tasked with doing all of the grunt work behind the scenes, and yet was only allowed to be the “giggle girl” to her co-host. She was there just to add a few laughs, but wasn’t allowed to take up space. Amy faced a lot of issues with unfair wages compared to her male counterparts. Even after speaking out about the injustice, she continued to face very little support by those in her work community.

But through the hardship, Amy learned what it means to take up space, to value herself and her work, and to be confident as both a leader and a member of a team. These lessons she has taken into all areas of her life.

Listen to Episode 30 of the Just Listed! podcast to hear Amy tell her whole story. You don’t want to miss this one!

Lex Estes